We’re the internal startup here at SK Networks who created Phone Toaster. We’re a small, passionate team that is trying to make the world a better place, one awesome product at a time.

Our team is part of April Stone, an SK Networks brand that creates lifestyle products with a focus on smart gadgets and mobile accessories with wireless charging technology, including mouse pad/chargers, Bluetooth speakers, and true wireless earphones.

And now, Phone Toaster is joining the lineup! We’ve had a lot of fun developing Phone Toaster, and we’re ready to present it to a global audience.

About Phone Toaster

The Phone Toaster is launching soon on Kickstarter. Don’t miss your chance to get the world’s first sterilizer/speaker/charger/analog clock all-in-1, selling soon for a super low price in our limited-time Super Early Bird sale.

Getting Personal

Do you want to learn more about the creative personalities behind Phone Toaster?

Bong Ju Lee

Team leader/Investment Attraction

Bong Ju is a family-oriented father of a five-year-old and a value-based consumer who wants to make products his family can safely enjoy.

Geun Chang Park

Product Planning/Design Director

Like any good designer, Chang is an aestheticist and a product critic who firmly believes there’s no excuse for an ugly product.

Jae Heung Park

Product Planning/Marketing Director

An early-adopter, Jae has his eye out for the latest in lifestyle technology. He’s also a detail-oriented digital marketer.

Hyuk Jun Moon

Foreign Marketing Director

Jun plays a mean bass. He’s also a shopaholic who believes life’s too short to buy shoddy products.

Young Mi Lee

Legal/Certification Director

Young Mi always looks on the bright side. She also likes to keep things simple – the world is beautiful enough, so why complicate it?

Yoon Kwol Ahn

Data Analyst / Marketing Support

Yoon is the newest member of the Phone Toaster team. He has a creative personality with a knack for painting and woodworking.

Don’t forget!

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On Kickstarter This July 2020!

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