Smartphone addiction isn’t just a waste of time. Spending too much time on your smartphone has another, perhaps more surprising drawback — it’s bad for your skin.

That’s because your phone is contaminated with thousands of bacteria and germs, and each time you answer a call, you’re transferring all of that grime to your face. This can cause breakouts of acne or contact dermatitis, according to an interview with New York-based dermatologist Shereene Idriss published in Allure magazine.

Sure, you may wash your hands carefully after using the loo, before you have lunch and when you’ve taken public transport. But I bet your phone doesn’t get the same treatment, even though it’s been exposed to the same germs.

All those little nasties you religiously wash off your hands, around ten times per day, build upon your smartphone. Unless you’re an ear-pod user, you’re playing Russian Roulette with your complexion each and every time you use your phone (and every time your ear-pods run out of charge or aren’t within reach when the phone rings).

Don’t worry, get Phone Toaster.

About Phone Toaster

The Phone Toaster is launching soon on Kickstarter. Don’t miss your chance to get the world’s first sterilizer/speaker/charger/analog clock all-in-1, selling soon for a super low price in our limited-time Super Early Bird sale.

It’s a 5-in-1 device that guarantees you’ll adopt a daily phone sanitization routine, without any fuss. Just insert your phone into the device at bedtime and in the morning your phone will be bacteria free and fully charged.

Because sanitization only takes around 15 minutes you can easily sanitize multiple times a day — in fact, with a Phone Toaster at home and one in your office or home workspace, you can get sanitized whenever you normally plug in for a charge. There’s literally no other step to keeping optimal phone hygiene. Thanks to Phone Toaster’s alarm you can opt to get notified as soon as it’s safe.

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