Our phones are disgusting.

Everybody knows it. We carry our phones with us all throughout the day, giving them ample opportunity to pick up germs and bacteria and (gasp!) viruses. Studies have consistently found many different pathogens living on phones.

And no, it’s not like our phones are comparable to how we treat our wallets or car keys, for example — we don’t press our car keys up to our faces when we talk to our friends about weekend plans. Our phones are probably the most important personal possession we should be keeping clean.

Yet we rarely (if ever) wash them. Why is this?

Happy New Year!

How many New Year’s Resolutions have you ever kept? How many have you made?

If you are not unlike the vast majority of the 7.7 billion people living on Earth, your Resolution Keeping Rate is probably pretty close to zero. It might even be in negative numbers. This is because making good habits is hard to do, especially when it’s a pain in the ***.

We all want to hit the gym more often, learn a new language or make a better effort to keep our phones clean, but there’s always some excuse or other holding us back.

The truth is, we absolutely would do any of these things if they were actually easy to do.

So that’s the key, right? The secret to making new good habits is to make it easier to keep them.

Newton’s Apple

We wanted to make a revolutionary new device that makes it easy to build the good habit of keeping our phones clean. So, after much whiteboard scribbling, we put two and two together. This is what we learned.

We discovered that integrating a regular phone sanitizer into our daily routines is a particularly difficult new habit to create for two reasons:

  1. Sanitization just isn’t something we think about on a regular basis.
  2. It’s a nuisance because when we do remember to clean our phones, we’re almost always actively using them at the time.

Next, we observed how people actually use their phones every day. We identified two key factors:

  1. In general, most people only put their phones down when they go to sleep.
  2. Most people also charge their phones at nighttime while they sleep.

Based on these realizations, we invented the Phone Toaster to make it possible for everybody to easily charge and sanitize their phones at the same time every night when they hit the sack. We had our design team create a product that will look great in every bedroom, and we even added a retro analogue alarm clock and a Bluetooth speaker. Using Phone Toaster is effortless, just drop your phone in at night and catch some Z’s.


Phone Toaster is coming this June to Kickstarter. If you’re interested in learning more about how you can use Phone Toaster to make a habit of keeping your phone clean and pathogen-free, you can sign up for our mailing list.

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